What is a doula?

A doula is trained to serve and support you. I support...

 your choices 

your body

your partner/mate

your labor

your birth

your baby

I serve as a resource to help you navigate all of your concerns. I'll  answer...

your questions

your emails

your text

my phone 

I am a trusted ally that helps you learn to trust...

your body

your partner

your baby

your decisions

the process

What is the difference between a doula and a midwife?

Doulas and Midwives are not one in the same. While doulas provide non-medical support and a constant presence through labor, birth and the postpartum period, we don't deliver babies. Midwives are trained to provide medical care including exams and delivering babies.

Why do I need a doula when I have my partner, mom, best friend etc?

Your freinds and family are so important during this monumental time. They know and love you and they want the best for you. They are emotionally connected to you and sometimes those emotions cause them to try and influence your decisions based on their own experiences or what they feel would be best for you even if it's not what you want. Birth can be a very overwhelming and emotional event for your support system too, and they may need to step out for some air, have a meal or rest so they can support you better. A doula can make those much needed breaks easier to handle.

Birth is normal for a doula. I am that constant presence that supports you through the entire process, partner melt downs, and shift changes. I want what you   want. There is no judgement or biases regarding your choices. Unlike family and friends, I can take an "emotional step back" and focus on supporting your decisions and needs.

Studies show that having a doula can result in shorter labors, fewer interventions, a decreased risk of postpartum depression/anxiety, and an overall increase in positive birthing experiences. 

Can I afford a doula?

Preparing to welcome your new baby is expensive. I get it. Hiring a doula may seem like an expensive luxury, but it is actually an investment that can be far more valuable than the actual cost. Creative planning can help make it easier to fit doula care into your budget.  You may want to consider...

Book early

Payment plans*

Sliding scale

Insurance may cover doula care

Gift cards/certificates

Add doula care to your registry

Friends and family can help by paying some or all of the cost.

Use your tax refund

Use a credit card

Season of sacrifice

Cut back on unnecessary spending such as eating out, Starbucks, cable, mani/pedi etc.

Have a modest baby shower

Don't over spend on an extravagant baby shower. Keep it simple to save money.

Use your FSA or HSA if available

Birth is spontaneous, why do I need a birth plan?

Birth can be spontaneous or it can be planned. Either way, having a birth plan is important because it helps you dig deeper into the various activities and interventions that can occur during birth. Having a better understanding of medical terms and treatments can help reduce some of the stress or worries you may have. Knowing the risk and benefits of medical treatments and interventions can help you understand which ones are necessary for the health and safety of you and your baby and which ones are optional, and decide which ones are right for you. It's all about informed consent.

When you're in labor, you should  be as relaxed as possible and focused on your body and your baby. This isn't a time for quick decision making. Having a birth plan can serve as non vocal informed consent and communication to your birth team. 

The power of the birth plan isn't the actual plan, but the process of becoming aware and educated about your options. It doesn't guarantee that your birth will go exactly as you plan. It's about empowering you to own your birth. 

Can I Vaginal/Yoni Steam while I'm pregnant or trying to conceive?

While steaming can help address some issues that may be responsible for  infertility, steaming after ovulation or IVF  would be counterproductive. A steam plan customized for your cycle is best practice when trying to conceive. 

Once pregnancy is confirmed, steaming can resume after giving birth.

Steaming can be used as a more natural alternative method of induction for those who are full term or post dates.